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i am the bullet

you are the bulls eye

distillers posse
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& leeyah_lodgik started this community because of our mutual love of the distillers.

there are a few simple things we'd like to happen in your posts.
1. if you have pictures of the distillers to put up, excellent. however, please put them behind the lj cut tag if there's more than one.
2. make all posts relevant to the band in some way, but feel free to talk about yourself as well, all of us being fans of the band.
3. try to get along. i understand it's not going to happen all the time, but if two members don't get along, the entire community shouldn't have to read about it.
3. you aren't restricted from avdertising other communities in your posts, but i will not tolerate the advocation of any racist/sexist/homophobic group in my community.

otherwise, invite your friends and post away. xox